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Welcome to Pink Hibiscus! A  visual novel game by Kira Kira Studios where you play as Quinn, a young and tired college student developing relationships with the 3 closest people in their lives! 


  • Romance any of the 3 characters: one female, one male,  and one non binary through this short slice of life visual novel!
  • Enjoy beautiful original art and backgrounds by our team and cozy original lo-fi music to boot! 

Romancable Characters

Cast and Crew

Diana Mungaray- Nellie

Sidd "Riku" Villanueva- Ezra

SirHenryEdwardVA- Micah

Shayla Simons

Production Manager

UI Design


Shayla's Instagam

Francesca Callander


Shading & Lighting

Voice Director

Miki's Instagam

Diana Mungaray

Art Team( Character Design, Environment Design)

Diana's Instagram

Kaitlyn Deguzman

UI Design


Additional Art Team

Kaitlyn's Instagram

Satsuki Tazawa

Art Team( Character Design, Environment Design)

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Music by Luis

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Yall really need to fix this. As soon as I clicked "New Game" it sends me to a black screen. I used the window 2 option and all of that. Someone really should test run it because Yall put so much work into this, it'd be a shame if no one could play it

(This is Nat from your class btw)

Hey Nat!

Good to hear from you! Unfortunately, all of our equipment that we have being at home from the macs has been limited with no possibility that unity will work on my laptop, which is probably the most functioning. I will try and contact Chase if he can help, we really want it to work for everyone but its been a struggle not having the same setup as school has :(. Hopefully we can try and upgrade or get some help who does. Im really sorry! 

Good to hear from you too! I didn't mean to be urgent about this. I sort of forgot that we don't have access to cool things any more, so I'm sorry for reminding you. I just hope that when you do get access again, you try to fix this because I know you guys did so much to get it where it is. Anyway, stay safe and hope yall are doing okay.

Hi, I tried running the game and I can't get past the name input screen. It's just a black background with the name change box that I can't alter in any way.

I did use the window 2, and run as administrator, I just can't get it to work.

(1 edit)

Hi there!

Did you use the space bar or mouse/track pad? After you enter your name you need to press enter and then click with the mouse/trackpad for the game to start!

No, I couldn't even enter a name. It was just like a frozen screen.

This game seems so kawaii and cute. I love the concept though. Look forward to playing, it's downloading right now

(1 edit) (+1)

I haven't played this yet, I'm downloading it now, I just have two quick comments after reading the page.

1. This game looks super cute.

2. Why say identifying at the end, why not just male, non binary and female. Don't they mean the same thing? The way it's worded makes me think they transitioned, if they have ignore me I'll find out when I play, otherwise I'm a bit confused.

3. The main character reminds me of Stevonnie, so I'm already a fan.

4. Micah looks like my type, but Nellie likes anime so I'm at an impasse.

The character bios are kinda hard to read, could you possible make them bigger? Especially Micah's I can't read theirs at all.

Hi! Thank you for providing the first comment for our game ever! You are very much right about the bios, I'm currently in a remote location that doesn't have illustrator so once I get back I will definitely fix it! But it is a vector file so you can zoom in and see it better without compromising the quality!